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Hostaform® MT 2U06

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Sustarin® C Hostaform® MT®2U06 – The new and improved Medical grade acetal Copolymer 

As first communicated in 2016, Celanese will be replacing Celcon® M25 acetal copolymer in natural and colors with a new medical grade Hostaform® MT®2U06. The Hostaform® MT®2U06 POM copolymer and associated colors are intended to bring to our medical customers an expanded suite of service and quality offerings, which may include the following: change control, fixed formulation, certified biocompatibility (USP Class VI and ISO 10993) and US FDA Device Master file listing. In conjunction with introducing the new Hostaform® MT®2U06 POM copolymer colors, Celanese communicated that it would no longer offer the CeIcon® M25 acetal copolymer colors effective July 1, 2017.

We are pleased to announce that Hostaform® MT®2U06 has been commercialized and is readily available. However, we understand based on your feedback that some customers have not yet completed the qualification process, and have therefore requested the manufacturing of CeIcon® M25 to be extended beyond July 1, 2017.  Celanese has evaluated the manufacturing capability and will extend Celcon® M25 production until June 30, 2019. 

Pricing for Celcon® M25 acetal copolymer in natural and colors will be increased 30% effective January 1, 2019.  Any orders received after January 1st, 2019, stock and future production, will incur the 30% price increase. Please note that lead times and shipment of such goods may vary due to the existing and newly scheduled production runs for the variety of colored resins in demand. Some items may see longer lead times than others based on the efficiencies of the resin production, and we will do our best to prioritize your semi-finished goods we produce based on these schedules.

Disclaimer: Any determination of the suitability of any Celanese material for any use contemplated by the user, and the manner of such use, is the sole responsibility of the user, who must assure itself that the material as subsequently processed meets the needs of the particular product or use. Without limiting the foregoing, customers continuing to use Celcon® M25 in medical applications acknowledge that Hostaform® MT®2U06 is Celanese's medical grade product offering. Each such customer agrees that Celanese will not be liable to customer for, and customer shall defend and indemnify Celanese against, all liability, losses and claims relating to or arising out of customer's continued use of Celcon® M25 in any medical application. This communication does not constitute a legal obligation of Celanese.

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