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Delrin® Acetal Plastic Sheets & Rods in Minneapolis, MN 

Material tradenames include Sustarin® H, ZL 900 H, Tecaform AD®and Unital® H.

Delrin® is an acetal homopolymer (POM 0111) made with DuPont™ Delrin® resin. The Delrin® product line offers enhanced physical property characteristics such as slightly higher tensile and impact strength, better stiffness properties, as well as better fatigue and creep resistance in comparison to copolymer Acetal because of its crystalline structure. However, Delrin® may contain a low density center (known as "centerline porosity"), especially in large cross-sections. Delrin® homopolymer acetal also gives slightly less chemical resistance than copolymer Acetal. Delrin® 150 is a standard general purpose, unfilled homopolymer Acetal extrusion grade for stock shapes. This grade has the best impact toughness of all unfilled Delrin® products. Delrin® 150 SA was discontinued in 2003 & replaced by Delrin® 150.

ASTM D6778 POM0111 (resin specification) Standard classification for Acetal molding and extrusion materials. (POM)

ASTM D6100 POM0111 Standard specification for extruded, compression and injection molded Acetal shapes. (POM)

Complies with FDA regulations 21CFR 177.2470 for use in contact with food.

Material is produced in sheet, rod and tube - available only in Natural and Black.

Delrin® AF

Delrin® AF Blend is a special formulation of Delrin® homopolymer resin blended and uniformly dispersed with 13% PTFE fibers added for enhanced wear characteristics, typically used in moving parts in which low friction and long wear life are important. Delrin® AF Blend retains approximately 90% of the mechanical strength and rigidity of Delrin®150, but with improved bearing and sliding properties, and almost no 'slip-stick' characteristics. Other formulations available are Delrin® 100AF containing 20% PTFE fibers and provides even lower frictional properties. Delrin® AF DE588 is also a 20% PTFE filled homopolymer acetal fully tested and certified to meet U.S. Navy specifications for use in seals, gaskets and valve seats.

Material is available in sheet, rod and tube.  Delrin® AF is brown in color.

Delrin® 511P

Delrin® 511P is another Homopolymer acetal from DuPont™ that offers improved thermal stability and machinability through enhanced crystallization characteristics. This higher level of crystallization helps to augment aspects of the physical properties such as fatigue strength, stiffness, and creep resistance.

Delrin® 527UV

Delrin® 527UV BK701 is a black homopolymer acetal that has been enhanced with UV stabilizers. It is also available in natural on a custom run basis. Developed by DuPont™ to replace Delrin® 507, this material is particularly suited to automotive and other outdoor applications. It exhibits improvements in UV aging characteristics and thermal stability. Delrin® 527UV is typically used for industrial applications exposed to the outdoors in such industries as electronics, communications, transportation, construction and marine. 

This material replaces Delrin® 507 which has been discontinued by DuPont™.

Delrin® 570

Delrin® 570 is a 20% glass-fiber filled homopolymer Acetal intended for general industrial use. The material offers very high stiffness, low warpage, and low creep for superior part performance under stress.

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