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Lion Engineering Plastics offers a wide variety of medical grade plastic materials that meet FDA and USP Class VI requirements. These high-purity materials have been used in a wide variety of applications and devices. The majority of these products perform well even after virtually unlimited autoclaving cycles. Many materials are also available in custom colors while maintaining specific medical and industry certifications, as well as lot & batch traceability.

Electronics and Printed Circuits
Lion Engineering Plastics supplies Printed Circuit products such as G-10/FR-4 Laminates, Paper Phenolic Riser Plates and Polycarbonate Test Fixtures, as well as a variety of materials with insulative properties. Many plastics come in a variety of grades, allowing them to be custom-formulated with anti-static & conductive additives to meet your specific needs.

Food Handling & Equipment
Lion EP handles a broad range of materials used in food processing & handling equipment. Whether your need is for FDA approved bearings, moisture-resistant surfaces, or heat-resistant conveyor films, we serve as a resource for you. We supply materials that are USDA, 3-A Dairy, and Canada AG compliant.

Machine Builders & Conveyor Products
Plastics are widely used to meet the most demanding application requirements of custom and specialty machinery builders. Parts include bearings, rollers, slider pads, star wheels,feed screws, machine guards, chain guides and more. Many plastic materials are internally lubricated - offering superior wear-resistance, at the same time improving the efficiency of your equipment while extending part life & reducing maintenance costs.

Aerospace and Defense
Lion Engineering Plastics supplies a wide variety of engineering thermoplastics used in Oil Exploration & Sub-Sea Systems, Chemical Processing, LPG Gas Transfer and Oil Refining. We provide high-temperature, steam-resistant and chemical resistant materials suitable for Valve Seats, Pump Housings, Lantern Rings, Gaskets and Seals.

Machine Shops
Lion Engineering Plastics has a broad inventory of plastic materials to meet the needs of our machine shop customers. We recognize that machine shops often work on tight timetables to keep their customers’ processes up and running. Our CNC panel saws allow us to offer tight tolerance cut-to-size pieces, which saves our customers time on the manufacturing floor. We provide quick delivery of even the most hard-to-find plastics, which allows our machine shop customers to meet demanding turnaround delivery schedules.

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