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Nylon (PA) - Overview 
Nylon’s toughness, low coefficient of friction and good abrasion resistance make it an ideal replacement for a wide variety of materials from metal to rubber. It weighs only 1/8 as much as bronze. Using nylon reduces lubrication requirements, eliminates galling, corrosion and pilferage problems, and improves wear resistance and sound dampening characteristics. Nylon has a proven record of outstanding service in a multitude of parts for such diverse fields as paper, textiles, electronics, construction, mining, metalworking, aircraft, food and material handling.

Nylon is easily fabricated into precision parts using standard metalworking equipment. Its good property profile combined with a broad size range availability have made the material very popular over the years. Today, a variety of extruded and cast nylon grades are available to match specific application demands.

Nylon 6/6 - Extruded 
Of all the unmodified nylons, Nylon 6/6 is the strongest, most rigid and has one of the highest melting points. It is commonly specified for screw machined electrical insulators and food contact parts. It is stocked in both natural and black. Other colors are available on a custom basis. Nylon 6/6 natural is FDA, USDA, NSF, and 3A-Dairy compliant. Material available in sheet, rod, tube, hex & square.

Nylon 6 – Cast

Nylon - Moly filled
Molybdenum disulphide (MoS2) filled nylon offering improved strength and rigidity. With a lower coefficient of linear thermal expansion than Nylon 101, Nylatron® GS parts maintain better fit and clearances, and have less tendency to seize as bearings. Available in Sheet, Rod & Tube.

Nylatron GSM 
(MoS2) to enhance its load bearing capabilities while maintaining the impact resistance inherent to nylon. It is the most commonly used grade for gears, sheaves, sprockets and custom parts. It is grey-black in color. Available in Sheet, Rod & Tube Nylatrin

GSM Blue 
The first cast nylon to combine both molybdenum disulphid (MoS²) and oil for the load capacity of Nylatron® GSM nylon, plus improved frictional characteristics. It excels in higher pressures, and at low speeds-up to 40 fpm. It offers 20% lower coefficient of friction, 50% greater limiting PV, and a lower "k" factor than Nylatron® GSM, and the lowest "slip-stick" of any nylon product making it ideal for slide pads, thrust washers and trunion bearings. Nylatron® GSM Blue should be considered for any oil-filled nylon application. It is dark blue in color. Available in Sheet, Rod & Tube.

Nylatron NSM
Six nylon formulation produced using Quadrant's Monocast® process. Solid lubricant additives impart self-lubricating, high pressure/velocity and superior wear resistance characteristics. Nylatron® NSM was developed specifically for demanding applications where larger size parts are required. It is ideal for bearings, gears and wear pads. In wear applications, Nylatron® NSM lasts up to 10 times longer than standard Type 6 nylon. Available in Sheet, Rod & Tube.

Nylatron 703XL 
Nylatron® 703 XL sets a new standard of machined part performance for liner bearing and wear pad applications. Building on the success of Quadrant Engineering Plastic Products Nylatron® NSM, the industry’s premier material for nearly 20 years, Nylatron® 703 XL provides lifting equipment with a new advantage. The wear resistance of NSM with added benefit of zero “slip-stick” makes Nylatron® 703 XL an ideal material for applications where precise motion control is required. Available in Sheet.

Glass Reinforced Nylon 
For applications requiring higher compressive strength and rigidity, 30% glass reinforced Nylon 6/6 is also available. It is stocked in diameters ranging from 10mm to 150mm (or .394" to 5.910" in meter lengths). Available in Sheet & Rod.

MC901 Nylon 
Heat stabilized nylon offering long-term thermal stability to 260ºF. It is blue in color and used in a variety of bearing and structural applications such as wheels, gears, and custom parts. Available in Sheet, Rod & Tube.

MC907 Nylon 
Unmodified type 6 nylon offering the highest strength and hardness of the nylon 6 grades. MC 907 natural is FDA, USDA and 3A-Dairy compliant. It is off-white and primarily used for food contact parts. Available in Sheet, Rod & Tube.

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