PVC / Lion Engineering Plastics


PVC is the most widely used member of the vinyl family. PVC offers excellent corrosion and weather resistance, has a high strength-to-weight ratio, and is a good electrical and thermal insulator. PVC is also self-extinguishing per UL flammability tests. PVC may be used to temperatures of 140°F (60°C) and is readily available in sheets, rods, and tubing. PVC may be cemented, welded, machined, bent and shaped readily. Available in Sheet, Rod, Hex, and Angle.

CPVC shares most of the features and properties of PVC, and it is also readily workable, including machining, welding, and forming. Because of its excellent corrosion resistance at elevated temperatures, CPVC is ideally suited for self-supporting constructions where temperatures up to 200°F (93°C) are present. The ability to bend, shape, and weld CPVC enables its use in a wide variety of process applications including tanks, scrubbers, and ventilation systems. It exhibits excellent fire resistance, chemical resistance, and is readily available in sheets and rod.

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