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Medical and Food Prep Engineering Grade Plastics

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When it comes to the medical and food preparation industry, Lion Engineering Plastics stands out as an experienced and versatile supplier of engineering plastic. With over 20 years in close partnership with our customers, we supply innovative high-performance engineering plastic solutions for a smarter and healthier world.


Lion Engineering Plastics offers science-based, high-quality raw materials that ensures compliance with health and international standards. Supported by a long-term partnership with small local businesses to large Fortune 500 companies, Lion Engineering Plastics is equipped with capabilities of addressing product manufacturing development, safety, materials research, technology, and also regulatory compliance to give expert support to food and medical equipment manufacturers.


Since we believe in exceptional customer relationships, all materials are sold in accordance with tolerances and quality standards furnished from manufacturers. At Lion Engineering Plastics, we offer medical and food manufacturers the ability to select the best material for their specific application requirements.  Our grades are distinguished by a greater degree of testing, manufacturing control and regulatory support. We maintain standards above all else for an outstanding customer service experience. Our customers first policy enables us to strive for meeting the requirements of our partners in the best possible way.


Engineering Plastic components plays a key role in delivering and storing food safely from farm to table. Lion Engineering Plastics helps companies produce food safe plastics in a controlled environment with a strong emphasis on quality and safety practices. Customers rely on Lion Engineering Plastics to supply food packaging materials you can trust. We address quality, toxicity, antimicrobial protection and recyclability aspects of plastic in the sensitive medical and food industry. With Lion Engineering you can find the right material, source it at scale and receive it on time — every time. It may sound simple, but it’s only possible with access to an unparalleled network, experience, and expertise.


Lion Engineering Plastics provides end-to-end solutions for medical device OEMs. Our deep materials expertise across plastics─from thermoplastics to elastomers─allows us to reliably and efficiently bring our customers’ medical technology solutions to market.


With our innovative approach to engineering plastic, and we provide solutions and individual on-site support for getting you the right plastics for your application through our technical support team. We work with state-of-the-art machining equipment, latest technology, and software that enable us to ensure all solutions to engineering plastic and enable you to precision engineer your products so they can be fully analyzed and tested, such as print model applications. Our standardized procedures provide accurate material specification data, complete material lot and batch traceability, and material certification.


Lion Engineering Plastics stands out in the market with their top-class technical expertise, on-time delivery, highly standardized testing, technological and machine precision, a wide range portfolio of products, unmatched business relationship, usage suitability of product, remarkable experience, customized solutions, and knowledgeable expertise. At our company, our aim is to continually shift the Lion Engineering Plastics portfolio toward higher-value, specialty materials, introducing more advanced grades with improved properties.


Contact our technical office and we can assist you in choosing the most appropriate materials for your commercial food prep plastics applications and medical device manufacturing applications.

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